99th G-View: Hinako Time Pt.3

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie. I can’t believe I’m saying this. this is one of the most shocking moments of 2011 but…here goes…It’s…it’s…”faceplam”…”Breathes in heavily”…Hinako time.

Yes doods and peeps, she’s back with a vengeance after a long absence. for those of you who don’t know who Hinako is or are new to the G-Views, Hinako time was a mini-segment focused on researching the enigmatic Japanese marketing ploy known as Hinako and her two OVAs…now three apparently.

Plot (If you wish to call it that): Hinako is a teenage girl who was inexplicably transported from the real world into the television world and turned into an anime character. to this day no explanation has been given as to why this happened and probably never will.

Well, it seems that after training for 25 minutes and later inevitably creating the ultimate test of patience by watching Hinako sleep for 45 minutes, she has returned to once again make me question her reason for being and the sanity of the ones responsible for this euthanasia. ALSO to make matters even more terrifying…this time…she’s not alone!
That’s right doods and peeps, Hinako has miraculously found a partner in crime to make me further question Japan’s sanity. I present to you, Captain Hiyoko! Together with Private Hinako they are the stars of:
Bathtime with Hinako and Hiyoko.

Well just like her debut Hinako is once again here to help the viewer train and get a major nosebleed (If it’s either male or lesbian) by watching her doing warm up exercises wearing very little (in this OVA nothing at all) and having a camera with erotic intentions, only this time it takes place in her bathtub and she has a ‘superior’. Why does Hiyoko wish to be addressed by Hinako as captain? Just because. She’s probably just proud or hopefully has a crush on Hinako.

Like the 1st training vid, the OVA consists off some simple exercises for those who have a big enough bath. Of course you can also do these in your room when you have the time. To prevent myself from losing my sanity I also did these exercises. at least 2 of the 3 OVAs are helpful despite their perverted purpose.
The regimen is divided into 4 different exercises, each working on a specific part of the upper body:
-Arm stretching good for the hips and shoulders.
-Chest stretching for better posture.
-Underwater sit-ups for the abs.
-Body Twist to relieve swelling.

After that..the Captain makes her debut…aaaaaaaannnnnd…do I really need to explain what happens next? I’ll leave that to your imaginations.

Animation: It’s a basic ecchi show. You get many closeups of Hinako’s sexy body parts and the camera will move to awkward positions capturing as many picture perfect scenes of Hinako looking hot as possible. Once Captain Hiyoko makes her debut, prepare to get major nosebleeds doods and lesbians. as you can tell the quality is respectable in all OVAs at the very least.

Music: What music? These OVAs aren’t exactly known for their musical score.

Like the previous two OVAs I will not give this one a rating because there’s nothing to discuss at all. It’s just a pervy vid disguised as an exercise video. What else is there left to discuss? It’s a complete shock that there’ actually a 3rd Hinako that gave me an excuse to bring back this once thought concluded segment.

In conclusion:I…I…I I I I I I..”gulp”…enjoyed this one. This is…oh great creator forgive my impure soul…the best of the 3 OVAs…so far. I say this because I have a suspicion that since Hinako tried to sneak past my sharp eyes this time, what’s stopping her from making a 4th assault?

P.S.: You will also learn how to count from 1-100 in Japanese. Man these bastards are good.

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