98th G-View: Miami Guns

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie. I love sexy buddy cop anime and the amount of insanity that takes place in each one. For some reason these shows tend to have the right kind of comedy to amuse my funny bone. Here’s one I recently watched and couldn’t get enough of since the 1st episode. This is Miami Guns.

Genres: action, comedy
Themes: police, girls with guns
Number of episodes: 13
G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: Spoiled rich girl Yao Sakurakouji decides to join the Miami police force to enjoy car chases, gunfights and wanton destruction. The psychotic and not-too-bright Yao is partnered with Lu Amano, the soft-spoken and sharp-tongued daughter of the police chief. Together the dirty duo clean up the streets of Miami and take on a mysterious crime syndicate known only as ‘The Organization’.

If I were to describe this show in one sentence it would be: A combination of Miami Vice and Naked Gun with a touch of CSI Miami.
The story takes place in a fictional Miami, Florida and as such has some differences to it, most notable the Japanese influence, natives and of course the fact that this Miami is located near a dessert and not the everglades as it is in real life. At least they have an Alligator on the show.
There’s also the fact that this Miami uses its own currency in the form of Miami Dollars instead of regular US currency.

As for the extent of the humor, expect it to be lighthearted, yet insane at the same time.  Our two lovely heroines have to contend with exploding watermelons, giant octopi, tofu delivery boys, among many other crises.
Thematically, it’s a good old fashioned 90’s-esque police anime (it came out in 2000, but the retro flavor is quite strong) that reminded me greatly of Gunsmith Cats and Dirty Pair Flash (though less coherant and more comedic than either of those).  There are tons of references to other popular shows (Evangelion, Initial D, there’s even a spoof on Die Hard With A Vengeance, complete with a Bruce Willis lookalike)
BRUCE WILLIS! OH HELL YEAH! You heard right, Bruce Willis (in the form of Bruce Tsuji) makes a cameo on the show. Sadly the real bruce Willis was not hired to voice his anime facsimile in the English dub….BOOOOOOOOOOO! How dare you spineless dubbers rob me of the bliss of hearing the icon voice over himself in an anime?! Wussies couldn’t even get the icon to do it. Pah. Ah well, At least the guy who voices Julio in the dub is good enough for a laugh or two.
Oh but make sure to watch it all the way to the end since the show gets a bit intense near its final episodes.

Animation: Has a 90’s feel to it yet it’s still modern enough to not look dated. Not much to complain about since I was laughing too hard to pay much attention to any errors. As you can expect from a show like this, there’s ecchi scenes, but thankfully they aren’t excessive or in your face. They are balanced and only used when necessary which is a good thing.

Music: OP and ED rock so hard. The 1980’s style music only intensifies the experience of where exactly the show is taking place.

Yao Sakurakouji and Lu Amano.

As the plot pretty much summed up, our main protagonists consist of Yao and Lu, a classic quiet and loud duo. Yao’s pretty much a glory hog who will do whatever it takes to shine in the spotlight, even at the expense of her friends and partner. She absolutely refuses accepting defeat or someone other than her being praised, although she does have a soft spot for Lu. She’s only interested in cases that sound exciting to her or where all the action is. Lu’s always the one who ends up convincing Yao to take a case more seriously.
Lu’s soft-spoken and sharp-tongued. She always knows what makes Yao tick and when she doesn’t realize it right away she is usually the one who figures out what Yao’s deal is first. She’s usually level headed and rarely looses her cool. Of course Lu is the one who takes her job seriously and upholds the law because it’s the right thing to do. As one can expect from the very 1st episode, the most important person to Lu is Yao, though she rarely shows that she does.

Chief Amano

He’s the Chief of the Miami City Police and is the father of Lu. He’s a bit tight with money, especially when payday comes at the department. He also gets a lot of flak about his dated afro hairdo, and would like nothing more than to get rid of Yao.

Kaken Masume

Kaken Masume is a scientist and part of the Miami City Police, but doesn’t usually go on missions. She does come with Yao and Lu in episodes like “The Sea! Bikinis! Ghosts!” and “Princess Nokemono”. Her clothes features a dart gun in her bow tie, helpful for subduing distraught bystanders… or when used by Yao, to knock out the chief so that she could do her grandstanding.

Julio Peacemaker

A freelance bounty hunter. He refers to himself as a “Messenger of Peace” and travels around with his pet alligator Al. He runs into Yao and Lu in several episodes of the 13-episode series.

In conclusion: I’m not sure who else likes this type of comedy but if you’re like me and simply enjoy insanity with style, then give this awesome show a try. For those who are worried that this is going to be a bad buddy cop movie like “Cop Out” or “The Other Guys”, I assure you that it’s not that bad at all. Give it a go and see for yourself whether it’s for you or not.

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