87th G-View: Strawberry Panic

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie. For today’s episode, I figured that I’d review one of the two anime that started it all for me in terms of my road to becoming a yuri master who proudly represents the “yuri nation”. Here’s one of my personal favorites and a classic, Strawberry Panic.

Genres: comedy, drama, romance, shoujo-ai
Themes: yuri
Number of episodes: 26
G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: Nagisa Aoi is a first year high school student who has been sent to the Astraea Dormitory after her parents are transferred abroad. The dormitory houses girls from three different girls’ schools: St. Spica’s Academy, St. Le Rim Girls School and St. Miatre Girls Academy. There she meets the representative of the three girls’ schools, the vampire, Shizuma Hanazano, also know as the Etoile, who is beloved by all students at all schools. The two of them have an interesting first encounter and Hanazano seems to take an instant liking for Aoi.

In the ensuing story Nagisa is introduced to other students from each of the three schools; some she admires, some she is intimidated by and some are merely friends encountered while attending St. Miator. The series encompasses the relationships the characters build with each other, climaxing whenever two of the characters start dating. A hint of astronomical star imagery is seen throughout the series, as well as minor Catholic religious undertones including a St. Mary statue on campus and a large Catholic church in the center of Astraea Hill.

Strawberry-Panic pic

It’s become pretty much a classic yuri cliche that almost every single yuri anime that takes place in a school, HAS to be a catholic all-girls school. Don’t ask me why, maybe it has something to do with real life experiences or something. In any case it’s not big deal.

If you become kinda confused (which I doubt) about how the school system works in this anime, you can pretty much sum it up this way.
St. Miator Academy is a Democratic school.
St. Spica Institute is a Republican school.
St. Lulim School is a school for hippies and the free spirited.

The Etoile system works like this. Two of the top candidates from each of the 3 schools compete in an election that takes place every Winter. The winning pair basically helps their corresponding school gain supreme leadership over the other schools in terms of decision making, even though the runner ups also have a say. It’s similar to a student council election except with more power involved I suppose.

An anime specifically about yuri, nothing more and nothing less. Set in a complex of three all-girl schools, this series follows a large cast of young ladies as they get into romantic entanglements with one other, most notably the naive Nagisa, devoted Tamao, and the embittered yet also elegantly mischievous vampire, Shizuma. There are main pairings plus numerous side hints among others and in the end we get two major canon resolutions and one minor. While angsty and formulaic at times, this series also features some very endearing characters and beautifully meaningful romantic moments. That’s pretty much SP in a nutshell. The show doesn’t waste any time in establishing who’s after who. Of course, as mentioned above, the Nagisa, Tamao and Shizuma love triangle is the highlight of the show. However, it’s not the ONLY highlight. Props go to the rest of the cast, whom  provide a lot of charm to the show. I guarantee that there will be only 2 characters that any viewer will have mixed feelings for. Like I said, it can be angsty and formulaic at times, but that adds to the charm. For some reason I can’t help but want to see more of how the girls’ relationships develop over the course of the series.

Music: I’ve said this somewhere or in an earlier episode, yuri and classical music go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.

Animation: Anorexic-ish, yet not as bad as another legendary yuri show that I will review in the future. The physical proportions of the characters tend to change, especially when the girls aren’t wearing their uniforms or to be precise…are naked. Basically they’re not as skinny as they appear while wearing their uniforms. As for the background, it’s average. Animation wise, this show isn’t anything spectacular but at least some of the girls are undeniably sexy, especially the unmatched Chikaru.

SP main cast

Short character opinions:
Nagisa Aoi: energetic female lead, who is both naive and easily startled. Adorable nevertheless.

Tamao Susumi: One of the 3 true heroines who fight for truth, justice and the OG way. nuff said. I love Tamao.

Shizuma Hanazono

Shizuma Hanazono: A silver haired vampire with mystical powers, such as the glare of doom, athletic abilities and super strength. Possibly the most seductive babe on the show with an intriguing personality and a deep, dark secret.

Hikari Konohana: Mixed feelings over this girl.

Amane Ohtori: Pretty much the same as Hikari. I won’t spoil as to exactly why I feel this way about H and A.

Yaya Nanto: The 2nd of the 3 heroines. Another warrior who will fight till the very end though she has the most difficulty of the 3 heroines.

Chikaru Minamoto

Chikaru: The omnipotent leader and greatest of the 3 heroines.
-Is the president/leader of Lulim.
-Has her own harem
-Sexiest girl in the series.
-Has many talents.
-Will make a club about every single thing she can think of, such as the secret club and the waiting club.
-A natural born leader.
-Has a heart of gold and is like a mother figure to all she comes in close contact with.

Kagome Byakudan and Oshibaru/Percival. The official mascots of the show. It’s a cute, quiet girl and a teddy bear. What more do you need to know? Teddy bears in anime are awesome.

Kaname Kenjo and Momomi Kiyashigi: The closest thing to actual villains on the show…also the most sexually active.

I’m not spoiling much because you have to see the show in order to get why I feel this way about some characters. Of course I left out some others. It’s my style. I only mention the entire cast when necessary.

In conclusion: This show is in short, THE definitive beginner’s yuri anime. If you’ve never seen a yuri anime before in your life and are curious to discover the magic this amazing genre holds, then this is the perfect show to introduce you to it.

P.S.: Aside from Shizuma being a vampire there are no other supernatural elements on the show. Sorry.

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81 Responses to 87th G-View: Strawberry Panic

  1. Rincewind says:

    Strawberry Panic… I will NEVER accept THAT ending!! NEVAH!!!

    *sob**sob**sob*… Never!!! *goes to cry in a corner*


  2. Overlord-G says:

    It wasn’t as bad as Yamibou’s ending.


  3. Guest says:

    Loved Strawberry Panic, though its been over a year since I last watched it. EPISODE 26, NOOOOOO!!!!! WHERE’S MY HAPPY ENDING FOR NAGISA AND TAMAO, SERIOUSLY, TAMAO WAS THE REASON I WATCHED THAT SERIES, SOB SOB SOB!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t hate Shizuma, but for some reason I was pissed with her for going back and forth about Kaori and admitting she didn’t want to use Nagisa as a replacement. I wish Nagisa didn’t forgive her though. For some reason I really sympathized with Miyuki too, because I thought she should be with Shizuma. I mean, they’ve known each other since they were kids and its very clear Miyuki wishes those days weren’t over and that Miyuki doesn’t have to go off and get married after graduation. Hey, both have plenty of money, why not just escape from the meddling Rokujo clan and start their own life. I also really wanted Hikari to be with Yaya, Amane was so bland and unlikeable, she didn’t even fit the prince stereotype very well at all. *sigh* Manga was better once I read it, probably because it was better paced and even left on a cliffhanger, though I really wish it would be continued one day. Anyway, I happen to love this show, because it was my first yuri, and I would gladly watch it again somehow. I might even buy the DVDs for it. And if there could be a dub by Funimation, that would make me very, very happy for some reason. 😀


  4. Dana says:

    Strawberry Panic is one of the yuri animes I’ve ever seen. I love the show so much, i wish i could erase my memory just to watch over again. The ending was both happy and sad, but perfect. This review does not do it justice, i liked it a lot better than simoun.

    P.S: Shizuma is not really a vampire.


  5. Dana says:

    Strawberry Panic is an incredible show, i loved every second of it. I wish i could erase my memory just to see it over again. Maybe because it was my first yuri anime, but i will never ever forget the last episode. Despite what everyone says, i found it perfect. I remember sobbing with them at the three Kaori episodes especially.
    My next anime will be simoun, i hope its as good as Strawberry Panic.
    P.S: Shizuma is not really a vampire.


  6. Dana says:

    P.S sorry about my first comment, my friend wrote it when i wasn’t looking.


    • Overlord-G says:

      No problemo.

      As I mentioned above, adding the tidbit about Shizuma being a vampire only increases her coolness. Everyone knows she isn’t a vamp but she doesn’t, hehe.

      I know some fans who did like the ending and that’s cool. I didn’t but that’s because I wasn’t a fan of the main pairing. That doesn’t mean I hated it.
      I agree, the Kaori episodes were sad.

      I admit this review of the series is weak but that’s because I wrote this one, along with KnM and Yamibou 3 years after seeing all of them, in contrast to other reviews I’ve written here. Basically, my memory;s a bit foggy when I wrote this but at least I got my main points across with as few spoilers as possible.


  7. Mia says:

    It’s really killingme not knowing the age difference between the pair-ups, you wouldn’t happen to know how old the characters are?


    • Overlord-G says:

      My best guess is the small girls are 12-14, medium girls are between 14-15 and the tall girls are 17-18. I honestly have no idea, nor will I bother looking it up on Google but I’m certain none of the students are over 18.


  8. Chloe says:

    This is my favourite anime EVER!! I jst love every thing about it! Uugh I jst can’t get enough of it! The only thing I don’t get is that u keep calling shizuma a vampire?! I’m probably taking it the completely wrong way but if u think about it she doesn’t really have supernatural powers…. And when u say the stare of doom I jst feel like nagisa is mesmerised by shizuma?!…. Anyway thanks for the review it was brilliant:) ❤


    • Overlord-G says:

      I wouldn’t call this review one of my best (at all) but thank you for enjoying it. Yes, SP is a yuri classic.

      As for Shizuma being a vampire, when you think about it, even though she really doesn’t have any supernatural powers, it is as if she does. So yeah, it’s a joke but it can also be taken seriously if you wish.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I think we’ll end the discussion here.


  9. chloe hope says:

    strawberry panic? BEST YURI EVERRRR! (in my opinion 😉 ) …. so yes as you can tell i loved this anime. i think that the couples in this are perfect? my favourite couple is defo shizuma and nagisa! i dislkiked the episodes about kaori but the whole show together was just amazing!i have watched strawberry panic fully at least 13 times (yes i am an anime-holic 😀 ) anyway thank you for the review it was awesome!!

    P.S shizuma is not a vampire!! ….. hate it when people say she is -_- but hey-ho 🙂


    • Overlord-G says:

      Good to hear you liked the show. A NagiZuma fan eh? It’s cool.

      Hmm, some people don’t seem to like the vampire joke.


      • chloe hope says:

        just stick with the “joke” 🙂 but make sure that you say that she isn’t actually a vampire? some people might get the wrong impression of the show or something?


  10. Sonofasith says:

    “Strawberry Panic” is easily the most over-rated Anime I’ve ever watched it was at best mediocre. “Aoi Hana”, “Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl”, and “Sasameki Koto” are far and away superior in every possible way.


    • Overlord-G says:

      True. SP is not a visual masterpiece compared to the other three anime adaptations you mentioned, but like it or not, the show’s still iconic to the yuri nation. Its influence and popularity are undeniable. Also, the “cheese” factor is one of its charms.


  11. Sben says:

    What pissed me off about the ending was that none of the couples had true chemistry.
    Sure, Nagisa had some sweet scenes with Shizuma (the pool kiss will always be my screensaver), but her and Tamao’s relationship knocked Shizuma out of the park. I honestly couldn’t see Nagisa and Shizuma lasting a year together, let alone a lifetime.
    I was genuinely screaming at my computer when it was confirmed that Yaya and Hikari wouldn’t end up together. There was nothing at all likable or unique about Amane, to the point that I found myself fast-forwarding every time she came on the screen. In a just world, that horse-riding accident would have emptied the contents of her skull out over the grass.
    And how in the name of Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ did Miyuki not end up with Shizuma? She clearly had a whole mess of unspoken feelings for her, and they’d known each other since they were both very young. They would have been perfect for each other.

    That being said, I still greatly enjoyed the canon ending. It was paced well, designed well, and did what it set out to do in the best way possible. In spite of my alternate ending scenarios, I couldn’t picture an anime like Strawberry Panic concluding in any other way.


    • Overlord-G says:

      -Tamao losing was clearly an injustice.
      -Yaya losing was more her giving up, because according to anime logic, a person isn’t allowed to enter a romantic relationship with their best friend. What a crock of “bleep”!
      -Miyuki not ending up with Shizuma was kinda understandable. She gave in to her responsibilities to the family and accepted her cruel fate of marrying a guy she possibly doesn’t care about for the sake of maintaining the family fortune, or something like that. It’s sad but that’s what Miyuki chose.

      Worry not dood, you’re not the only SP fan who felt this way after watching the ending.


  12. Baka says:

    This is trully a yuri classic, and the first anime that i’ve seen that wasn’t Naruto or DBZ. It was kinda funny, ’cause the only reason that i watched the anime was that the manga ending could’nt be translated or something.

    I’ll say something: this show is torturing you from the very beginning. Even though from the start that Nagisa will end up with Shizuma, you can’t ignore that feeling that she would be better with Tamao-chan (wich is the second most awesome character in the show, losing only to Chikaru).

    The other thing that made me want the NagisaxTamao ending was that i don’t really liked Shizuma. I felt like the scene where she finally realizes her feelings was a bit forced up, i guess. But as a character she is good enough, i think.

    The other couple that i don’t liked was HikarixAmane, but my opinion is the same as everybody, so i won’t extend this much longer.

    Overall, a must-watch for anime yuri fan.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I have yet to read the manga version.
      Tamao is a true heroine of justice. If only she had more courage. Chikaru rules all.
      Shizuma’s character development was understandable, though she still didn’t deserve to win Nagisa’s heart.


  13. For me, personally, I absolutely adored Shizuma and Nagisa together. In fact, they were who I rooted for, despite my heart aching deeply for Tomao-chan. In another world, one without Shiuzma, they would have been together, and the thought makes me happy and sad. Had Tomao tried just a little harder to make her intentions transparent to oblivious Nagisa, she might have had a much better chance. That said, the tests and emotional roller coaster Shizuma and Nagisa endure at one another’s hands was enough to leave me hooked on the two, and I was overjoyed to see their relationship grow into something much healthier by the time the anime ended. They healed each other after all of that awful. That’s why I believe they deserved to be together, despite my love of Tomao/Nagisa.

    Amane… She made me blush a little, imagining meeting an actual girl like that. For about 2 seconds. After that, the ‘romance’ between her and Hikari was lackluster and over-drawn clichés. I liked her, but I had no real reason to want her relationship with Hikari, if you can really call it that, to actually work out. Sure it was an iconic image, the princely knight woman riding heroically to save her ridiculously shy, soft-spoken, and insecure blushing maiden, and that’s nice and all, but they lacked depth and definition. I too found myself skipping their scenes. Repeatedly. Yaya and Hikari made me smile and nod and hope far more than Amane and Hikari did. That said, I didn’t actually like Hikari all that much. Never in all my days in school, even when I went to a private boarding school, did I ever meet someone so shy and quiet and mild. Those are the only real personality traits I think Hikari even had. And it bothered me that she was only ever bold like… twice. I think. Was it once? I’m not sure.

    Chikane is and always will be a goddess. Lovely, all-knowing, and apparently more than willing to sacrifice an ankle for the sake of the main pairing. She’s the odd duck, and the one I identified with the most. I was actually disappointed she didn’t feature quite so much in the manga, though her traits still shine there as brightly. Her harem of young girls and the teddy bear often made me smile and laugh in delight at both their antics and their motives.

    All this aside, the strange weather patterns in the series confounds me. Still. In Ouran High School Host Club, the manga and the subbed anime clearly state that this is all over the course of many years wherein the characters never age or get out of school (Hell if I ever saw it), but SP never had an explanation. The manga uses less dramatic scenes like that, and the romance between Nagisa and Shizuma is a whirlwind enough without raging blizzards followed directly by midsummer day in a matter of hours. So yeah. Can anyone explain the mechanics of that for me?

    PS. The Shizuma vampire joke made me laugh until I cried when I read it.


    • Overlord-G says:

      The unusual weather patterns are meant to amplify the sweet taste of “cheese”the anime had. Nothing wrong with “cheese” mind you, I love “cheese”. In short, unusual weather pattern need not be explained.

      Tamao is still superior but I guess fans who support NagiZuma have valid reasons for doing so. No arguments from me.

      Amane and Hikari’s relationship sucked. The only good thing about the two is their finished business in a barn…I think. Poor Yaya. At least she had Tsubomi, hopefully.

      Chikaru is an omnipotent lesbian goddess, plain and simple.

      Glad you liked the joke. Finally, somebody got the joke.


      • Vempriex says:

        I know I’m a little late to the yuri party but its better than neva?
        Read most of the comments and agree to most. Your comment pretty much said most of my thoughts. Got the joke right away reading upon your review. This was my first yuri I stumbled upon on YT and other yuri animes followed suit.

        I, too cringe and zone out whenever Amane and Hikari would make their appearance. In addition to Miyuki I felt bad but she had a choice to decline the arranged marriage but her unrequited love for Shizuma didn’t shine through enough to make her stand.

        “Tamao is still superior but I guess fans who support NagiZuma have valid reasons for doing so. No arguments from me.

        Amane and Hikari’s relationship sucked. The only good thing about the two is their finished business in a barn…I think. Poor Yaya. At least she had Tsubomi, hopefully.

        Chikaru is an omnipotent lesbian goddess, plain and simple.

        Glad you liked the joke. Finally, somebody got the joke.”


    • SPFan says:

      As for weather pattern, I think it is just a symbol of their relationships. A winter in their hearts (especially Nagisa’s), that changes into a spring after you-know-what scene. The weather in SP is rather funny indeed: you can spend a whole night in a forest late in the autumn, or even in the winter, in a freezing wind, and don’t even catch a cold.


    • Maet says:

      Well said… That is all I can say. But honestly, this anime can take you to your deepest and darkest emotions. I was honestly moved by it (or maybe i am just too emo) as the story progresses to its conclusion. I have seen Aoi Hana, Maria Sama, Sasameki Koto (all good by the way), etc, but this anime just leaves a mark on you in the strangest possible way.


  14. SPFan says:

    Thank you for detailed review! I liked you joke about Shizuma; however, when you wrote that there are no other supernatural elements on the show, I think you’ve forgot a ghost in ep. 9.

    BTW, as a Tamao♥Nagisa fan, you should like this picture: http://goo.gl/86rOXs


  15. villain1982 says:

    great review! I see what you did there joking about Shizuma being a vampire,when I first watched it I thought that to my self too and somehow I wish that was true! btw Shizuma is the best in SP I cared only for her and Miyuki.


  16. RQ says:

    One of the first anime’s that got me into yuri! Very classic. Great review =]
    Shizuma is a babe. for sure.
    Question for you OG- I’m really curious about your feelings about Hikari? She was one of my favorites and completely adorable!


    • Overlord-G says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble but despite being cute, Hikari is one my least favorite characters alongside Amane.


      • RQ says:

        Haha i know, that’s what I read- so I was curious as to why? :p


      • Overlord-G says:

        Dull and uninteresting princess character with her equally dull prince lover.


      • RQ says:

        yes i suppose that’s true- i agree about Amane- I guess I have a weak spot for those stereotypical ‘innocent and girly’ characters. But yea- good point.


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  18. pinstru says:

    I just finished this today and yes on everything you said
    Shizumu: asshole with “reasons”; I was rooting for you, but you ruined it countless times…
    Nagisa: You’re cute
    Tamao: You tried
    Yaya: You were one of the coolest, but they screwed you over :/
    Chikaru: bae; the real MVP
    Hikari & Amane: -_-
    Kanami & Momomi: Evil bitches, but I enjoyed the sex scenes
    Miyuki: Ruthless, but appreciated. You took up with too much shit

    Liked by 1 person

  19. there’s no season 2 😦 kinda sad :/


  20. Yui Komori says:

    Shizuma a silver haired vampire? Since when was she a vampire?


  21. the_elevator_man says:

    Wandered into here for the mild interest, stayed for…the vampire jokes? Wasn’t expecting that.

    Classic and probably best opener yuri, easily branching into Lilian Gakuen, Ototachibana Academy and Nanamori Middle(maybe?). I probably committed the worst yuri crime ever in watching SP immediately after KnM, which bit me hard but whatevs.

    I’ll bite, and this will probably embarrass me. What legendary yuri has the same CLAMPish design as SP?


  22. kracensc says:

    This was the first official full on yuri anime I ever watched, and before this I never cared for anime at all, I found it weird, annoying and wanted nothing to do with it.
    This anime taught me that it wasn’t anime I hated, it was male characters in anime, so since then I’ve been finding every yuri/all girl/almost all girl animes I can get my hands on and imprinting them into my brain.
    Strawberry Panic will forever rate as one of my absolute favourites, the way this anime keeps you enticed and wanting the best for Nagisa was excellent, the ending, couldn’t have been better in my eyes, as Shizuma and Nagisa were meant to be, sorry Tamao.


  23. This was actually the first anime I ever watched and what got me into anime as a whole, I don’t think many people could have a stranger starter anime.


  24. pretty good show. I liked how they did Nagisa personality was just great. Overall the show was pretty nice and enjoyable. It also highlighted the up and downs in a relationship well and shows that every relationship has it’s hard times which is very well done.


  25. Jos K says:

    I just found out that yuri even exists and your posts have been great in introducing me on where to look! Thanks so much!
    I just finished SP and I have a few thoughts.
    First, I really loved it, even though it took me a few episodes to get into the story.
    I also want to make a note about the “best friends with crushes on their roommates” and how a lot of people root for them because somehow folks think they are more deserving than the love interest. To me, that thought strikes me as the “friendzone” complaint by guys who like their female friends. The truth is that people fall for who they fall for. No one is entitled to reciprocal feelings from their love interests just because those feelings are strong and the person is loyal. Don’t get me wrong, I have certainly been in Tamao/Yaya’s position in real life, constantly trying to prove myself to a friend who is just not interested in me in that way, but to say that I deserved those friends more would be wrong. You don’t really chose who you fall for, so even though I was rooting for Tamao to be happy, I still totally shipped Tamisa/Shizuma because their dynamic is actually how love works in my experience. You basically have instant mutual attraction. (Plus I am a sucker for the cold-hearted character finding love again).
    Anyway, that’s my two cents.
    Really love your blog!


    • OG-Man says:

      When I feel like the yuri nation’s lost its colors and I feel like my work is losing its value I am reminded of newcomers who show promise.

      I still cheered for Yaya and Tamao but you made good points supporting Nagisa and Hikari’s choices and I commend that. Glad you enjoyed the show.


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  27. lazylikeyourass says:

    Currently rewatching the series. Ugh, remembering the fact that Hikari ends up with Amane pisses me off. The first time I watched this show I was 12 years old, crying over the fact that my ship didn’t end up together. Also, I agree that Chikaru is the most best character ever, she’s my number one. She is so likeable, I find myself squealing when she shows up on the screen.


  28. It may be hard to read through this because English is not my native language but I hope you can understand what I meant. Also I tried to keep it spoiler-free as much as I can. Hopefully, I succeeded in both.

    Huh. Well… What to say? A lot is on my mind and it is very hard to compile all that into an interesting/useful commentary, but I try to. As to plenty of people over here this was my first shoujo-ai/yuri animation I watched. It all started with me looking for something about romantic relationship between 2 women, nothing erotic – just about their feelings. Well, I can’t stop looking for anything alike. I opened a couple of internet sites and was very disappointed at the lack of content. Somehow, I thought there will be much more, but it is not the point of this comment. Scrolling down I saw 2 beautiful women lying near each other on the red silk. It instantly took my attention. Somehow in a second I knew that this is what I was looking for. My expectations confirmed. The very first few series took my attention entirely. Everything was like I wanted to be, it seemed like it was made especially for me, for me alone. I was like in heaven (though I don’t know the feeling obviously, but I do think it is something alike). Yes, some series, especially endings revealing what will come next were intriguing, but when you realize what was it about – it was such a relief that it didn’t happen like it was shown or you understood it wrong.

    So, about the heroines. Just as I said already everything was like it was written for me. The only disappointment about the plot was about Yaya. Very strong personality, but I don’t think she would be happy with the girl she loved. The type for her is probably Chikaru. Yes, I agree with the others – Chikaru is beautiful in everything. There are so few people like her, but they exist. I am very grateful to know someone like her, even she is not real, but her feelings, acts and behavior is a compilation of human thoughts, thou there is a possibility of such personality’s existence (I may sound a bit crazy over here). About Nagisa and Shizuma. Well, Shizuma… It is not about Shizuma but about the one revealed and who was so important for her. And about her letter. The main “character” in the whole animation is the letter(nothing funny over here – you will understand when you’ll watch). When I ended watching, I wanted to know other’s opinion about it and was a bit surprised of the fact that a lot of people were disappointed/didn’t approve the final of the show and Nagisa choice. Don’t get me wrong over here thou: I adore every character in the show, and I am very proud of Tamao. She loved Nagisa so much she couldn’t do otherwise than make her happy. Just like with Yaya’s situation, I do think that Nagisa wasn’t for her. You can see the trail of my thoughts here, because I make couples of strong/willful characters with airheaded/funny/”innocent” ones: Nagisa/Shizuma, Hikari/Amane, Yaya/Chikaru. Something I regret though. It hurts even now. Somewhere about 24-th or so series I wasn’t sure that Shizuma will open herself to Nagisa. Don’t even dare to look for the ending before you watch. Don’t even dare. With any outcome you may thought of just watch till the end. Don’t be like me – you will regret. A masterpiece for me and a disappointment for many, because we can only imagine what will happen after the story.

    P.S.: To the owner. Take my deepest gratitude and I would like to share this with you:
    “You have to do what you are doing. You have to keep on. Place your arms on our hearts. They are warm, aren’t they? Even when you think your work lost its colors or its value – there are a lot of good things you did and continue doing for us. And it’s not just your labour – no! We do understand that you are a person, you too have feelings and needs. But you should know that all of us, even those who doesn’t show it or share with you have all your work stored right there, in our hearts. And that’s why they feel warm. Don’t say that your work lost its colors. It doesn’t belong only to those who share their feelings but to everyone. Please keep on! Then you’ll see everything again in a full spectrum. Plus, everyone who reads your writings… Their hearts will become warm too! Many people’s hearts will become warm! No, not just warm. Their hearts will become unbearably hot! So, I want you to keep on!”

    I am pretty much sure you understood the reference. I take it that everyone could be on hiatus and need some time to vent/rest, but double consider before exiting. You put too much effort in this and like I said there are much more people who do love not only your works, but You. I am grateful. We are grateful. Thank you. Sincerely.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. I just re watched this show again…unccetable! (the couples i mean)
    For me is Nagisa x Tamao and Hikari x Yaya, i cried so much at the moments that their feelings were pouring, i really belive that this series deserves a re-imagination, Tamao and Nagisa are so lovefull toghether….sad 😦


  30. mimmel123 says:

    Strawberry panic was my first yuri anime years ago and i really like it 🙂 the ending was clear i think i mean nagisa really like shizuma but i really sad that they didnt show what they that but that is a Problem many anime has. I hope it ended better in the LN so im reading the LN now


  31. I just finished watching it and even though it’s a happy ending for Nagisa, I still feel broken for Tamao-chan :((( She is my heroine, she’s so kind. It’s so sad how bestfriends are not chosen to be partnered with the person they love :((( I think I won’t be able to move on from this. The ending is just so sad for me.

    Liked by 2 people

  32. Marion D says:

    The same woman exactIy did Love Live! School Idol Project, both manga and light novels. She shipped Nico and Maki, got Nozomi and Eri together but had Eri teasing Umi a lot, etc. I assumed you didn’t know about her or SP because using your blog’s search doesn’t get any results only Google does. Given you did, it mystifies me you were so fussy about LLS2. It would be like when SP was turned into an anime, the first season didn’t have Nagisa and Shizuma getting together, they finally started getting together in a second season, and a reviewer said “What’s this Nagisa/Shizuma stuff? Must be fanfiction at fault.” If you trusted her judgement with SP you should have with LLSIP.


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