85+86: CinAnime 3: Fate/Stay Night; Unlimited Blade Works

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie. Here we go again with another segment of CinAnime. this time we tackle a popular show here on animeforum, Fate/Stay Night and its movie: UBW.


Genres: action, drama, fantasy, romance, supernatural
Themes: harem, martial arts, war
Objectionable content: Significant (bloody violence and/or swearing and/or nudity)
Number of episodes: 24, TV Reproduction: 2
G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: Shirou Emiya lost his parents in a fire when he was young and was later adopted by a sorcerer by the name of Kiritsugu Emiya. Although he was full of admiration for his adopted father and yearns to become an ally of justice, Shirou has limited powers and was unable to become a strong sorcerer like his father. That is until one fateful day, he was drawn into the Holy Grail War and had to summon a female “Servant” known as Saber in order to protect himself. It turns out that the Holy Grail War involves a series of battles among powerful sorcerers to fight for the possession of a relic that will grant one’s wishes, the Holy Grail. There are altogether seven “Masters” who can summon their respective “Servants” from different classes known as Saber, Archer, Rider, Berserker, Lancer, Caster and Assassin. These “Servants” have to hide their names in order not to reveal their weaknesses to the enemies. The story revolves around Shirou and his entanglement in the Holy Grail War.

The pacing of the show is just right. It takes the time to tell the viewer the necessary details and only excluding other unanswered questions for the Visual Novel the show is based on. For the masters and servants who do get some development, it’s acceptable for the most part (except Shirou, who sucks.) The basic plot plays like an elimination tournament where the closer the remaining competitors get to the Holy Grail, the more we learn about the truth behind the tournament and its “host” of sorts. There aren’t that many surprises and twists, but the cool part arises when we find out the true identity of some of the Servants (Not all of them are revealed in the anime). There aren’t that many morals to learn in this one, but by the end, you will find out which characters you do like and which you don’t.
Also the action scenes are pretty epic in terms of fights. I never get tired of seeing Archer vs Berserker or Saber vs anyone. The fights are that good. The drama involved depends on how the viewer perceives those moments. Some will take them more heavily than others. the flashbacks didn’t explain all that much, but it provided enough info to explain some things, not all though.

Skipping character bios let’s just go with the following mini descriptions.

Shirou Emiya: I don’t like this guy one bit (accursed space monkey). Anti-feminist, generic, harem lead, uninteresting, not amusing, run of the mill guy with thee ability to trace metal and create blades. His power is cool, but not him. The fact that he’s sort of part of a harem is even lamer. Oh well, at least it’s clear which one of the ladies he’s after.

Rin Tohsaka: now here’s someone more interesting than Shirou. Not quite a badass, but she’s spunky, boastful, confident, smart, cute, bisexual, skilled, uses magic marbles of doom, Shadow gun, and can powerbomb a giant (she can’t but that would have been so cool to see her lift Berserker) Too bad Luviagelits never made an appearance in the anime series.

Saber: The definition of female badassery on the show. Awesome battlecry, cool armor, wields a legendary blade, fights till the end, cool hairstyle, nice body, strict, honorable and cunning. That’s why it greatly pissed me off what they did to her later on in the show. WHAT…THE…HELL?! Sure she remained a badass, but her personality had a major shift that kinda ruined her epicness for a while, but it came back quickly so I’m glad the stupidity didn’t last long.

Sakura and Rider: Not much to say other than I can’t get enough of either of them, even though Rider doesn’t get much screen time or given much depth in this anime (The Visual Novels fix that though.). Sadly they’re not a servant/master pair on the show either. Poo.

Caster and her master: Let’s just say that these two had the most interesting relationship aside from Rin and Archer. I felt more emotion for Caster and the guy whose name I can’t remember (He just doesn’t mention his name often). Plus, she’s a cool villain, unlike Lancer who’s one-dimensional and cliche in terms of villains” standards. Even Berserker who mostly roars has more personality than Lancer in my opinion. At least Lancer kicks butt in the PS2 fighting game.

Ilya Ilyasviel: Token evil loli who gets bonus points for dressing in Purple Russian clothing and having creepy red eyes. Not much else to say about her. She’s a decent villain while the spotlight shines on her. However, her role takes a sharp turn upward in importance later on. An obvious extra cool factor is that she’s Berserker’s master.

Archer: Epitome of badass males on the show. Too bad his time in the anime was short, but it was indeed unforgettable. Plus his duds are wicked awesome. There’s really not much else I can say to describe him. He’s one of those see to believe type characters. Also, there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye.

I’ll leave the rest of the characters up to the fans to discover what they’re like. The character interaction differs between the ones involved. It ranges from slightly sympathetic to touching.

The music: Love the 1st OP and ED. The other set isn’t bad either. The rest of the BG music fits with the show’s theme. No complaints about the soundtrack.

The animation is just right in my eyes. nothing too extravagant and nothing bad either. I don’t know if it does the VN’s CG pics justice but the style looks good enough for me.

Oh, and about the TV Reproduction, consider it a short summary of the entire anime series in two OVAs, with some bonus scenes not seen on the show. If you don’t want to watch 24 episodes, try taking the short route.

In conclusion, expect many cool things form this show as you’re watching. Ask any FSN fan and they’ll tell you the exact same thing.

Now for the Feature Presentation: UBW.

Genres: action, fantasy
Objectionable content: Significant (bloody violence and/or swearing and/or nudity)
Running Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes.
G-Rating: 8.5/10

Plot Summary: Taking a turn from the first Saber ‘route’ of the Fate/Stay Night game, this movie represents the route of Tohsaka Rin’s ‘route’ and what would have happened.

First of all, awesome start by posting the now legendary UBW incantation.
Next, it’s the same story with an alternate route and some big changes which include:
-Caster being twice as evil.
-Caster’s true identity revealed to non VN players.
-An appearance by Saber Lily…sort of.
-A heel turn and a face turn at the same time.
-An unholy alliance.
-Ten times more violent and ten times bloodier. Twice the action. Not nearly as intense as Hokuto no Ken or Riki-Oh, but close enough thanks to one…certain…FATALITY! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNG! Basically they increased the epicness of the action scenes in the anime by tenfold. the fights are that much better in the movie.
-Archer’s true identity revealed to non VN players.
-Questionable switching of roles in terms of who is the butt kicker. Why they did this I have no idea. A questionable decision as far as I’m concerned, but I admit that it was a surprise.
-Ooh, pretty CG effects.
-Same final boss.
-I’m sorry, but even if you try to make this punk a badass, it still won’t change my mind of him. He still sucks, though he did perform admirably. I’ll give him bonus points for becoming stronger at least.
-Sorry, but the climax…that’s BS …BS I tell you…total…UNDENIABLE…B…S!

So yeah, this movie had plenty of unexpected surprises, so it was quite a thrill ride. It is a much darker and more violent route compared to the default route.

The animation was most impressive indeed. A few coloring tweaks, such as Shirou’s hair color during sunsets, but I suppose they were intentional. I can’t tell though. In any case I was impressed by most of it.

The music was superb as expected from this show. Compared to the anime, it was more intense here.

The characters: So many changes. Some were impressive, others pissed me off big time. I won’t go into full details.

In conclusion, this movie was certainly a surprise to me. I didn’t expect it to be this epic. It was a complete route change from the original anime. For that, I highly recommend this movie to any FSN fan who hasn’t seen it yet.

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  1. Yow says:

    Is it Yuri? I watched the first episode and totally hated Shirou too.


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