Puella Magi Homura Magica. The Dark Knight/Time Commando’s Journey

This isn’t a review per se, more like an experience/retrospect of a show that blew me away from the very first episode. To explain the magic behind this show would be too difficult for someone like myself. Don’t expect an in depth analysis, conspiracy theory or any research from me. I’m just a fan who compared Kyubey to the likes of Brainiac, Lex Luthor and The Joker in terms of how epic a “villain” it is.

(For more on my Madoka review, check out Number 58.)

This show didn’t change my life per se, it did leave an eternal impression on me though. It’s not often that a show comes your way that constantly wows you and even convinced a group of friends in your neighborhood of its awesomeness. Puella Magi Madoka Magica was one of those shows.

Who can blame us? This show was an undeniable global phenomenon for those who saw it. It turned animeniacs into scientists before they could got lucky with babes. It sparked debates that ruined the experience for many who were unfortunate enough to stumble and read these debates out of sheer curiosity. The support by the fans ranges from admirable to downright disturbing. That goes to show how great this show is.

Episode 3 made the largest impact on animeniacs worldwide who watched this show and opened their eyes even wider than the 1st episode did. From then on it’s been one jaw dropping moment after another.

Following the lives of these 5 unfortunate, distraught young ladies, their friends and close ones has been nothing short from exhilarating.  Other things that are shown throughout the show is both the light and dark sides of the human race and how it is represented in the form of the Witches/Killer Doodles. All negative emotions, be it sadness or rage accumulate into these inexplicable beings of dangerous origins that are called witches, yet only possess a female gender but rarely an appearance to match said gender.

The animation was also another cool aspect about the show. It wasn’t high quality by any means but it didn’t need to be. Its effects and color usage were more than enough to put a smile on my face with sugar frosting and a side of Corn Flakes.

After watching episodes 11 and 12: So ends the legend of Puella Magi Homura Magica. What are my final thoughts some may ask? I’ll get back to you once my jaw is repaired.
Anyway, do I still stand by my opinion of this show being the best of 2011 so far? Yes I do. It was a roller coaster of a thrill ride from beginning to end. The experience I felt watching this show can’t be explained. Even the ending is indescribable as far as I’m concerned. If you conspiracy theorists think otherwise, knock yourselves out.

In the end, Homura Akemi has come a long way, suffered so much and in the end…I dunno. Still, I don’t know about all of you but in my mind, she deserves to be in the yuri hall of fame. She was a true hero to the very end. This is all I have to say about this show. One thing’s for sure, I’ll never forget these epic 12 episodes that have played with my emotions and thrilled me time and time again.


The fact that Homura’s the ONLY person Madoka entrusted with the memory of her existence to means that Madoka truly cared for Homura more than just best friends as she claimed. Homura, as we all know, went through hell and back to protect the one she loves. Sadly, her mission failed in the protection part but at least her feelings were reciprocated in a way. Now Homura must take the role of Batman and become the Dark Knight of awesomeness who will fight Demons till the destined day she reunites with her soulmate.

Somehow the ending feels similar to KnM. Why? Because this ending, though it doesn’t show it, does give an optimistic feeling that someday MadoMura will reunite when all is said and done. It’s an ending that gives fans hope of a reunion. It won’t happen on camera but it WILL happen.

Poor Kyouko wanted some Sayaka pie but it was not meant to be. Perhaps, as Ululu mentioned, Kyouko will be infatuated by a larger portion of lemon pie with a bit of Charlotte Syrup.
Madoka may have failed to remove the darkness but she did break the curse of Mahou Shoujos turning into Witches. Now they’re just fighting demons born from darkness itself rather than risking their lives to become part of the darkness.

I said I wasn’t going to delve deep into this but I liked this show so much that I couldn’t resist. The urge to express my love for this show was too strong.

Now that I think about it, the coupling of a Dark Knight/Seraph and a Magical Goddess is pretty sweet.

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2 Responses to Puella Magi Homura Magica. The Dark Knight/Time Commando’s Journey

  1. Guest says:

    And here I am again, absolutely giddy with you talking about Homura and her awesomeness. I’m gonna be personally honest, Homura is a character my heart and soul went out to. Everything she did for Madoka’s sake, even if it brought them both pain and sorrow, she did out of love. That’s devotion and that’s beautiful love. I’m happy Homura didn’t go insane through enduring all of those timelines, anyone would. If she ever met Chikane Himemiya and disagreed with the way she protected and saved Himeko, I don’t know if either of them would be able to dispute one another. It’s just so touching, and Homura being the anime lesbian Batman seems like a guilty pleasure to me for some reason (now I have to go watch The Dark Knight). I really hope someday Madoka and Homura get their happy ending. I also LOVE the idea of the first timeline proving the role reversal, Homura as a moe glasses shy girl is just so cute, and Madoka being the confident, happy go lucky muse is just perfect. And obviously by my above statements you know how much I compare those two to Chikane and Himeko. I’m obsessed with KNM and Madoka right now, and I just love both shows and couples so much. If only Madoka and Homura got to kiss, if only. But time will tell, especially with the movies. In any case, great job spewing out your praise for Homura, she’s truly awesome. 😀


    • Overlord-G says:

      Chikane and Homura would make for a very interesting duo of time traveling heroines conflicted by pain, suffering and how to fine the best way to save the women they love. I think we can relate more with Homura. After all, she didn’t turn heel.

      The Dark Knight reference wasn’t meant to compare Homura to Batman, it’s coincidental.

      Comparing MadoHomu to ChiMeko is actually a pretty comparison. I surprisingly didn’t notice the similarities until you brought it up. Nicely done dood.


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