54th G-View: Strike Witches

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie. I don’t know if I should label this series as controversial or not, but that doesn’t matter in my opinion. The concept of girls with machine guns and magic powers, flying Black Crystal type alien invaders, while flying on propeller like boosters is awesome enough for me. This is Strike Witches.

After watching the anime, check out the review for the movie, though you won’t need me to tell you why you should watch it if you enjoyed both seasons of the anime.

173rd GView: Strike Witches: The Movie

Genres: action, magic, science fiction
Themes: ecchi, mecha musume, military, witches, yuri
Number of episodes:
Season 1: 12+1 alternate retelling OVA
Season 2: 12
G-Rating: 8/10 for season 1 and 8.5/10 for season 2.

Objectionable content: Mild (mild bad language and/or bloodless violence)
Plot Summary: The year is 1939 – it was then that the Neuroi appeared. Nobody knows where they came from or what their ultimate agenda is, but the fact remains that their attacks drove people out of their towns and cities. In order to take arms against them, humanity develops a new anti-Neuroi weapon called the “Striker Unit.” Using the power of magic to fight against the monsters, this new device enhances and amplifies the power of female magic-wielders. To use this device, young witches from all over the world have been brought together to form an elite task force unit called the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, commonly known as the “Strike Witches.”

The main concept of SW is that it’s basically like a super hero show that takes place in a fictional WW2 setting where normal humans are incapable of combating the incoming alien threat. So it’s up to gifted teenage girls who can combat the aliens to lend a helping hand. However, like Sora no Woto, there’s A LOT more to this show than just pants-less girls flying around fighting aliens.

The animation is actually quite good for both seasons. I think the 2nd season’s art has improved a lot over the 1st one. Just watching some of the epic dogfights that take place, you sometimes tend to forget all about the main concept and look at how cool the colors are. Don’t worry though, this show isn’t all flash. Oh no.

The music is excellent in my opinion with an awesome OP and ED for each season. There are some tunes in each season that really pump you up as the Witches enter the battlefield.

The characters, once again, are the heart of this series. The interaction between each of the girls in the 501st platoon is sometimes amusing, interesting and other times heartwarming. The character development can also be interesting.

Fun Fact: Each of the girls represents a flying ace from one or both of the two World Wars, and a lot of character interaction and events are references to those pilots’ stories and history. Another important note is that some of the episodes in the 1st season tend to be nearly accurate to an actual event in a legendary pilot’s career like in episode 5 where Shirley Yeager was trying to fly as fast as the speed of light. Charles “Chuck” Yeager actually attempted to do the exact same thing during his lifetime. Yes, as their names imply, each Witch’s name is a female version of one of the legendary ace pilots from around the world during the respective Wars they took part in.

Check this link out to see which ace pilot each Witch is based on.

The reason why I called this show controversial on top is for 1 very simple reason. Despite the great character interaction and development, cool music and animation, people are instantly blown off by the excessive panty-shots and fanservice. Seriously, that’s the only reason haters bash this show. I can understand similarl reasons of bashing an otherwise good anime due to its excessive fanservice. For example, shows like Ikkitousen, Queen’s Blade and Sekirei. I understand why they would get bashed for the exact same reason this one is getting bashed, but I truly believe that this show doesn’t deserve it one bit. It’s not as epic as Saki, but believe me when I say that this show is truly enjoyable and fun if you just give it a chance.

In conclusion, it all depends on your tolerance to ecchi. If you have mastered the anti-ecchi jutsu as I have, then you’ll be heavily rewarded for your efforts. If you can’t take it, that’s a shame.

P.S.: If you’re squeamish over under aged breasts, I recommend watching the censored version. This warning does not apply to feal87.

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17 Responses to 54th G-View: Strike Witches

  1. Rincewind says:

    Lucky me! The only thing that I dont tolerate are Harems and Male leads. So, I has no trouble at all to enjoy this!!

    But, someone need to do a Ace Combat style game with Strike Witches!! I tried the “strategy” game for NDS but I failed miserably to do… anything. T_T That game left me in despair!!

    And my favorite pairing is LynnexYoshika. ❤

    I cant wait to see the movie!! *exited clap* 😛


    • Overlord-G says:

      Ah yes, the Tactics game. If it isn’t in English, I can’t play it.

      For now all we can do is wait for the movie. If you haven’t watched the anime yet and aren’t bothered by its fanservice, what are you waiting for?


  2. Spiderlondon says:

    This has to be one of my favourite animes! I love it because it gives me more yuri love ❤ I will always love Mio and Minna(and Lynne and Yoshika) because I somehow always found that they were meant to be~

    By the way, there was a censored and uncensored version? owo


  3. Lena K. says:

    So you liked season 2 a little better than season 1?
    The animation was really a tiny bit better but plot-wise I liked season 1 more.
    I mean we never got closer to discovering who the Neuroi really are than what we saw at the end of season one…


    • Overlord-G says:

      If the show didn’t care about the Neuroi, why should I? Besides, I don’t like the series because of them. I like it for the amazing cast, their personalities and relationships and seeing them beat the tar out of those red and black alien robot pillar things.


  4. kracensc says:

    Being from England, season 1 to me was the best because they’re in England, however I enjoyed both seasons a lot.
    The amount of yuri pairings available in this anime was enough for me to be glued to the screen for every single one of them praying for something to happen.
    Every single character, and their obvious yuri partner was interesting from start to finish, especially Lynne and Yoshika, why did they have to torment us so much, why couldn’t they have just kissed and given every single fan what they wanted, and what Lynne and Yoshika definitely wanted.
    I do have to point out, the fact that no female in this universe knew of the existence of trousers or dresses to be very amusing and during moments of nothing too important happening, I found myself sitting back and laughing at it every single time, not that it was a bad thing, just… amusing.


    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s one of those shows that sadly gets flagged for precisely the reason of girls refusing to wear pants. Shame really but what can one do. Still very enjoyable series.


  5. automaticimperfection says:

    Well, I just finished Madoka…. now I can’t wait for more material to come out ❤ Following my own new advice, I’ll watch almost everything you review!! So this is my next choice, I hope it’s more heartlighted, cos KanColle today left me a bit in despair.
    Thumbs up!
    PS I should watch Nanoha too ne?


    • Overlord-G says:

      Enjoy the majestic war between dark rubix cube like aliens and airplane girls who refuse to wear pants.
      For the last question it’s up to you.


      • automaticimperfection says:

        I mean, I’ve liked Madoka a lot, Nanoha is also magical..girls fighting? I only know there is a child..and that they live together or something… but first LOL I love how they refuse pants. Thanks again

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I don’t know why but the name of the final episode – Beyond The Eternal Sky – gives me this indescribable feeling. It’s just so poetic and beautiful. There should be a poem with “Beyond the eternal sky” being the ending line. Anyway, I loved this show, I’ve always has a passion for flight and the beauty of it but never realized it until maybe a year or so ago, I wish to be a pilot some day. Also hope Victory Arrow comes out soon.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Hope you fulfill that dream someday.
      Actually two of three Victory Arrow episodes had already been subbed as of this writing. Third one is coming in May 2015 in Japan so we don’t know when it’ll get subbed.


  7. Season 3 on Gogoanime is uncensored. Yuss…


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