51st G-View: Kanamemo

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie. Since I’m near number 50: I might as well make a quick review this time. so let’s get cracking with Kanamemo!

Genres: slice of life
Themes: loli, moe, shoujo-ai, yuri
Number of episodes: 12
G-Rating: 7/10…6/10 depending on your tolerance level.

In some ways, this is a historic series. In others, it showcases both the best and the worst that yuri has to offer. The canonical couple of Yuuki and Yume is depicted as an open, undisguised lesbian relationship and one that is acknowledged and accepted by their fellow cast members, and over the course of the show they share many deeply satisfying moments of romance and couple-y togetherness. There is even a second pairing of Mika/Kana, although this is largely a one-sided crush on Mika’s part. Sadly, this yuri extravaganza is marred by the character Haruka, a lesbian pedophile whose drunken molestation of the younger castmembers is as idiotic as it is repulsive. Assuming you can weather her “antics”, however, Yume and Yuuki are a pair that are sure to delight yuri fans.

The animation is moe. Nuff said.

The music is decent, but nothing worth writing home about.

Here’s the thing. Unlike my previous Double Slammy episode where I reviewed 2 yuri shows that I guaranteed that anyone could watch them, this one on the other hand…depends on how strong your willpower is.
It’s all due to Haruka’s crazy antics. This one is pretty much an anti-tupac.
If you take away the shoujo-ai and yuri, this show is pretty much another cute slice of life/comedy, focusing on the daily life of working at a newspaper store and what the girls go through both on and off work. It’s pretty basic stuff with a dash of both yuri goodness and bad at the same time.

In conclusion: I’m not sure if this one’s for everyone, but I suppose I’d recommend it to anyone who’s curious about one of 2009’s impact making yuri couple, Yume and Yuuki. There’s enough cuteness here to please SoL, yuri and moe fans.
Manly otakus and Dark generals should stay away from this one.

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21 Responses to 51st G-View: Kanamemo

  1. Rincewind says:

    I remember fondly this show. Im still waiting for a second season. 😦

    Nice and very cute show. The absolutly canon yuri couple is a BIG plus.

    And I kinda liked Haruka antics. Dont worry Haruka I would visit you in the jail! 😛
    I remember watching this with my family, they also didnt mind Haruka antics,


  2. Spiderlondon says:

    I love this anime, enough to watch it a third time~ Not just for the yuri but the storyline as well, which is surprisingly good for such a simple anime. My favourite character is the sake drinking one(forgot her naaaame >.<) because she has such a fun personality yet she can be serious and compassionate whenever needed.


  3. Sben says:

    Considering how immensely harsh I usually am on pedophiles (long story, and not the one you’re probably assuming), I thought Haruka was a pretty cool and complex character. She was a good person, surprisingly likable most of the time, and she genuinely cared about the people around her, but she just happened to have a crippling character flaw that obscured that.


  4. kracensc says:

    Finally got around to finishing this.
    Overall I would say I enjoyed it, Haruka’s antics were… tolerable, not enough to prevent me from watching at least.
    I found myself very much so enjoying the Mika x Kana content, Mika became my favourite from the start very quickly, but that may just be because I do enjoy tsundere’s unrequited love (I blame Ayano and Kyouko for this), even if I do spend every moment of their screen time together hoping the person of their affection notices…
    Saki was easily my second favourite character, her personality was most amusing, though I did start to wonder two things, who is the actual chief if she is only the assistant, and why do her parents allow her to live in a building with a lesbian paedophile? I started to theorise maybe the reason she was so accepting of Kana’s situation at the start that perhaps she is in the same situation…
    The ending however felt a bit bland, and rather abrupt, but not enough so that it takes away from the quality of series itself.


  5. Overlord-G says:

    Haruka’s there.
    Kana X Mika is cute.
    Saki’s highlight to me was her being voiced by Rie Kugimiya.


  6. automaticimperfection says:

    Hmm, I’m finally picking this one up, I usually don’t enjoy perverts for free,but… if men can be lolicon pervs so can women, I don’t think it’ll be too bad…I hope,and there I go. Thanks for making such a complete list, honestly I had never even heard of this one, it wasn’t even available on my spanish anime websites,go figure.


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  8. yurimylove says:

    ahhh nostalgia… one of the show I loved way back during the “second golden age of yuri”. All the characters are loveable, yes that includes Haruka for me, and I rooted for Mika right till the end too.

    Yume x Yuuki is kinda like Ooi x Kitakami, so I’m hoping that Kancolle S2 will give us a great yuri kiss scene just like the one above too!


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  10. Marion Delgado says:

    In the manga I think Kana does just as much toward Mika as Mika does to Kana. Neither of them can spit it out, basically. I am not sure I saw much of the anime. It could be the anime downplayed Kana’s reciprocating Mika’s crush.


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