49+50 Double Slammy 3: Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto (By Cryssoberyl)

Alternative title:
Sweet Blue Flowers (English)
Genres: drama, romance
Themes: coming of age, high school, yuri
Number of episodes: 11
G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: Fumi Manjoume, an introverted, bookish teenage girl, is beginning her first year of high school at Matsuoka Girls’ High School. She enters the school year with her heart broken by a previous relationship. At about the same time, she reconnects with her best friend from ten years ago, Akira Okudaira, who is now attending Fujigatani Girls’ Academy as a first-year high school student. As they reconnect, they both deal with their own respective romantic problems, and help each other get through them.

By Crysoberryl:

For all who love yuri, the number of shows that examine women-loving women seriously are far and few. The number of such shows that manage to make lasting contributions toward positive depictions of them is even more few. The number of those that are also able to stand as superior examples of storytelling in general is fewer still. Like Utena in its time, Aoi Hana does all of these things.

Fumi’s quiet strength, Akira’s dependable friendship, Yasuko’s conflicted immaturity, Kyouko’s desperate desire, Kou’s patient devotion, and many other facets of humanity meet in this simple but beautifully crafted portrait of young life and love.

The music…well, shoujo-ai and classical music have been a powerful pair since Utena. Basically, if you’re a fan of classical music, then you’ll have no trouble at all here.

The animation is a different style from the usual stuff that I watch, but in a good way. It’s both cute and marvelous at the same time. I see it as somewhat of a mix between Haibane Renmei and Saki.

Next up, Sasameki Koto:

Sasameki Koto

Genres: comedy, psychological, romance
Themes: yuri
Number of episodes: 13
G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: Sumika Murasame is deeply in love with her cheerful classmate and friend Ushio Kazama. Ushio is openly lesbian but… she’s likes cute girls, and Sumika, top student, class representative, black belt in karate, is all but cute. Even worse, Sumika herself is terrified of endangering her friendship with Ushio and chooses to maintain the status quo, as much as it pains her to hide her feelings…

By Cryssoberyl:

The Little Yuri Series That Could. It wasn’t the flashiest anime ever, or the most exciting, but it flowed along in a warm, gentle, and funny way, bringing smiles both happy and sympathetic. It captured the manga perfectly, and maintained a fantastic balance of humorous and dramatic moments.

If I have a regret, it’s one that there’s just no avoiding for this show: with the sole exception of Tomoe/Miyako (who don’t really get a lot of couple moments), the yuri of Sasameki Koto is thoroughly unrequited.

Even more so than Aoi Hana, the final episode of Sasameki Koto left no doubt that it’s an unfinished story. The manga continues on with no real end in sight. This is a good thing and I don’t begrudge it, but I can’t deny it’s frustrating to have the anime come to an end this way. All we can do is hope for a second season

…that did not happen even after the manga ended. Who knows? Maybe it will one day.

Music: Similar rating as Aoi Hana, except this one has more humorous melodies in it, mixed with classical music goodness.

Animation: Fluffier than Aoi Hana, but of course since it’s a comedy.

Oh, one important note: Although this is a great comedy, it has a slow start. I think it was supposed to star off slowly to show that it’s not just a laugh out loud fest. Be patient and I assure you that your patience will pay off.

2009 was a great year for the yuri nation. We had about 6-7 anime last year with yuri themes in it, which were both pretty good and didn’t make a mockery of the genre. All these shows were very well done and in my opinion, accessible to both yuri fans and non yuri fans alike. You could enjoy these shows and not get upset at all, because they’re that darn good. 2010 so far, isn’t as epic as last year, but it’s coming along nicely, even if it did have some low blows., the good far outweigh the bad this year.

In conclusion: The reason why I feel so optimistic about these two shows in particular, is that they’re accessible to both Y and non-Y fans. Both have their attraction to them. Both have great storytelling and follow their excellent manga counterparts very well, both will entertain you in either the dramatic aspect, or the humorous one. I GUARANDAMNTEE that both these shows are accessible to any fan.

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28 Responses to 49+50 Double Slammy 3: Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto (By Cryssoberyl)

  1. krillin1983 says:

    great g view i am impressed:)


  2. Yi says:

    I haven’t seen Sasameki Koto yet, mostly because of how dragged out the manga is. It left a bitter taste in my mouth, so much so that I just can’t get excited about the anime.

    Aoi Hana, on the other hand, is beautiful. Soft, subtle, fluffy… It’s such a subdued story about the things that make many yuri anime the lovely genre that it is.

    2009 sure was a good year. ^ ^


    • Overlord-G says:

      I can understand why SK didn’t interest due to the manga being tedious and unnecessarily ongoing. Still, try to give the anime a try, not for Sumi and Ushio, but for the supporting cast. They’re what makes the show so lovely in my opinion…especially the one I call “mini-goddess of comedy”. Kiyori is such a delight to watch whenever she’s on screen.


  3. Keep up the good work on this blog!


  4. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    I’m waiting for the last chapters of the Sasameki Koto manga and I can’t say it was bad but it definitely could have been better. When I checked baka-updates about which chapters of the manga got adapted I decided not to try out the anime, since it concerned the first arc. The first arc was where I got totally frustrated with Ushio’s tastes and mostly her insensitivity when her ‘best friend’ is so tall. I started liking her when things about her past were revealed and the situation between her and Sumi started progressing. This is one of the manga that I felt it kept producing chapters just to sell and torture the readers.

    Aoi Hana the anime, which could stand on its own, was a small gem. Yes, it has to do with girl schools but we get to see males, too. And deals with relationships quite realistically. A second season would be wonderful, but under the condition it leaves out the majority of the theater related stuff. I’m honestly tired by this quirk of Shimura-sensei. It makes the story drag unnecessarily


    • Overlord-G says:

      Too bad neither show sold enough to warrant second seasons. I was cheering for Sumi the entire time. Ushio had water balloons and not much else. Now that I think about it, Ushio was the least likable character in the anime. Even one of my best friends who liked the show, hated Ushio for the way she treated poor Sumi.

      Guys in yuri shows only matter when they are likable. Otherwise, keep them away from my yuri.

      I haven’t read either manga after I finished both shows, strangely.


  5. Hinarii-chan says:

    I really love Sasameki Koto and i really want a season 2 ^^ For those who want it too,Please sign the petition =D


  6. The notsoexperienced master says:

    I’ve seen sasameki koto, I’m trying to watch aoi hana I’ve seen the first 2 episodes on YouTube and I love it already, but there are only 2, I can’t find it anywhere mobile online, do u know any good websites that may have all the episodes? Or even just some?


  7. I freaking love the “Oh, Jesus” part. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was way too funny!


  8. fighting~otaku says:

    my only problem with the anime is that it didnt finish the story (but manga finally got completely translated and such just last year so i know the ending though) , but besides that love everything else about the anime!


  9. Ban says:

    This is the anime that really left me hanging.. Broken. Melted me away. And u were right. It has the humuor that captured those that are having the insight of this


  10. kracensc says:

    Finally got around to watch Aoi Hana so I feel as though I can now comment here as I watched Sasameki Koto a long time ago now.
    For Aoi Hana, I put it off for so long because when I first tried it I wasn’t fond of the animation style, however watching it over the past few days, I cannot think as to why I didn’t like it… Either way it doesn’t matter now.
    I found it oddly enjoyable, I always thought that in my eyes any romance Yuri and its pairings would be the crème de la crème of all Yuri regardless of circumstance, I thought as long as there was Yuri and pairings for me to ship I ‘d be happy, but during this I was actually rooting against it for two reasons, I didn’t like Kyouko for Fumi, as Kyouko felt more like the type of character who had that male love, but as she was rejected she then just rejected all males and becomes a lesbian because of it, making Fumi just the runner-up choice.
    To say I didn’t want Akira x Fumi to be a thing would be a lie, but I’m happy it didn’t end that way, because throughout the anime, Akira showed no development towards her sexuality and thus it would have been forced for it to end that way and it wouldn’t have been a satisfying ending.
    It was a different look at Yuri I think, or at least, was portrayed in a very different way from what I’ve come to see it, not in a bad way, I really did enjoy it.

    As for Sasameki Koto, I watched this long ago so my memory of it is not as fresh as Aoi Hana, but this to was an extremely enjoyable story, you can’t help but feel the pain Sumi feels throughout as not only does she love Ushio, but she even throws back at Sumi constantly how she only likes cute girls. Its unrequited love at its most painful, unlike the unrequited love of say Ayano and Kyouko of Yuru Yuri, where its funny because if Ayano was just a bit braver, something could come of it.
    Sumi is told blatantly that she isn’t Ushio’s type, but of course there is hope, throughout the anime, Sumi does make progress, Ushio starts to see beyond her single preference and it looks as though it could develop into what could only be described as the most hard fought Yuri relationship to succeed I’ve ever seen… Though much like most Yuri anime, the ending tears another strand from my very being, may have to pick up the manga just to get the rest of the story, as I know it does have the result I want it to have (or at least so I’ve heard) but even so, nothing can compare to seeing it in the anime itself…
    Saying that though, the ending was still nice, especially from the build up of the entire episode to that moment, it was satisfying in its own way, overall, a very enjoyable series albeit one annoying boy, but everyone knows my feelings about male characters…


  11. Kim won says:

    Aoi Hana was the best Anime i have ever seen , but is that just me or some one else see that it’s incomplete Anime …. i sure didn’t find out the end …. Confused 0.0


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s because there is no second season of either show. Both series’ manga ended though so you can check out how Aoi Hana’s manga ended.


  12. Kindonime says:

    ok. I want to streaming.


  13. Cryssoberyl says:

    Another review plagiarizing my work on the Master List without crediting me. I’m really disappointed in you now.


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  15. Daemul says:

    Despite these two anime being prime examples of shows only being made so that people will go out and buy the manga to get the rest of the story, I still enjoyed them.

    Would I prefer more seasons of them? Of course, but like I said, they were made to advertise their manga’s and that’s fine. No grudges here.


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