46th G-View: Mahoraba: Heartful Days

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie. Well I’m back in the comedy territory because quite frankly, this territory is too awesome to deny. One example is the next anime that I’m about to review, Mahoraba: Heartful Days.

Genres: comedy, romance, slice of life
Themes: Multiple Personality.
Number of episodes: 26
G-Rating: 9/10

This show is another one of those awesome anime which has characters that you’d have to be a cold-hearted cretin to dislike even one of them. I’ll explain more about this as I get to the characters.

The music on this show is catchy. I’m not joking, it’s catchy and I can’t get enough of most tunes on this show. My favorite is the Occult club president’s theme, but it seems to be the hardest to find. Poo….

The animation has variety here, with colored sketches used to describe the story that Shiratori is drawing. Comic strip-ish skits to describe when a humorous event is occuring. It’s similar to the drawings, but these don’t move as much. As for the basic animation itself, no complaints here. It’s all good.

This is basically another character driven anime. Their daily events are what the show centers around and it’s all good. Now then, here goes.

As mentioned above, Kozue has multiple personalities, which you’ll find out pretty early on the show. Each personality is unique and I’ll leave that as a surprise to how they actually are. You can get a hint though from the OP.
Kozue herself is a kind-hearted girl who loves everyone and everything.

Shiratori is a rare anime male. How rare? I respect this guy. That’s how rare. Believe me when I say, when there’s a guy I respect, you know this guy won’t suck. He’s that good of a male lead.

Momono is the sexy megane of the show. She’s an alcoholic, enjoys teasin Shiratori, having her way and just goofing around whenever possible. However, like everyone else, she has a good heart and means well, despite her personality.

Asami is both naive and incredibly responsible at the same time. Adorable, energetic, helpful, mature and dipper.

Haibana with “Johnny” “are” possibly the least developed character on the show. Technically, he’s just there and not much is explained about him other than he likes to read, drink and fishing. He does have one unique trait about him, but you’ll find out eventually.

And now for my fav characters. First up, Tamami.

She has super powers, is naturally gifted and has a smile. Her smile will send shivers down your spine, haunt you in your dreams, make you wish you never crossed her path. Her smile will be the end of you. She’s basically mean to anyone she deems lowly and is the nicest to Kozue, but of course, she has a good heart.

Second is Sayoko-san.

She’s lazy, sleepy, constantly hungry, often depressed and easily saddened and she is Asami’s mother. The one thing that you can count on Sayoko to do well is love her daughter with everything she has.

Last but not least: The president of the Occult Club:

In conclusion: Mahoraba is a must watch for anyone looking for a feel good show and an easy laugh. It has enough enjoyment, awesomeness and wiggy moments to last a lifetime and is definitely worth watching twice. At least I plan to watch it a 2nd time soon. If you don’t like to laugh, then I suggest watching Keeping up with the Kardashians or some other reality TV show.

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