45th G-View: Maze

Alternative title:
Maze Megaburst Space
Genres: action, adventure, comedy, fantasy
Themes: body switching, fanservice, yuri
Number of episodes: 25 + 2 OVAs + 1 Movie
G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: To begin at the beginning, we are introduced to Maze as an attractive and kind-hearted female college student who somehow gets transported into this medieval world with amnesia. She quickly meets the princess, Mill, who is fleeing her homeland after a coup by the Jaina Holy Group. Maze, we soon discover, is a powerful “luminator” (a manipulator of phantom light power) and is also able to control Dulgar, a biomechanical mecha Mill can summon. However, the biggest quirk is that when night falls, Maze transforms into “Otoko Maze”, an extremely hot-blooded, loudmouthed and lecherous (but handsome) male. When morning comes, he returns to “Onna Maze”, the female Maze we know and love.

The TV series will be discussed in this review since the OVA is pretty much for fans to enjoy and the movie…it never saw a VHS or DVD release. So you could say it’s lost forever. In short, both the OVAs and movie are pointless. However, there is one thing that the OVA has that’s better than the anime: Dulger’s Transformation sequence. That’s it.

By Cryssoberyl:

So is “Maze” a great anime? It’s a difficult question. Much like the eponymous character, the series has a duality to it that’s both utterly engrossing and also a bit unsettling.

That’s the setup, and I know it sounds routine. Misunderstandings and ecchi situations ensue, right? Well, not really. (Not in the TV series, anyway…) For 3/4ths of the show, the main focus is on Female Maze and her travels and trials to keep Mill safe as they meet a motley group of friends along the way. Male Maze, if you were to distill him into 10 parts, would be 5 parts Combat, 3 parts Comic Relief, and 2 parts Mystery. It turns out Female Maze, despite her powers, is somewhat pacifistic and often needs mental prompting by Male Maze, if not to be rescued by him outright by lucky timing of the sun going down (amazing how conveniently that happens… ^_^;;).

This was all rolling along smoothly and it was all great in my eyes. That is until later on, about 3/4 of the show, however, I’m not going to spoil it for you doods and peeps.

The music and animation are both old school 90’s and that’s a great thing. The 80’s 90’s are kind of the pinnacle of anime goodness in my eyes. Most of the time when you saw an anime in the 90’s, you know that you were in for something special.

The story and characters: Well, the main plot itself is pretty straightforward  Once again this is a case of characters pulling the show along and boy do they ever. The show manages to succeed in keeping you intrigued about the events within it. It successfully makes someone who likes the show want more. However, be warned that some plot developments may be a bit too weird and disturbing for some, but I personally believe that it’s not that disturbing. I’ve seen worse. The good far outweigh the weird.
Now the show does have a harem side, however, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Both Female and Male Maze are desired by the other characters, mostly the female one.
Male Maze…usually I dislike Male harem leads, but Male Maze is actually one of the few whom I actually respect and had a blast watching in action. That’s when you know that you created an interesting character, that he doesn’t annoy you or make you yawn. Male Maze is both a funny guy and awesome fighter. Now don’t count Female Maze out in the combat dept. Sure she has a longer path to follow in order to become as skilled as Male Maze, but she once she’s focused and ready to rumble, oh she’ll CRUSH YOU! As mentioned earlier, the other cast of characters are also a very interesting bunch. None are boring or annoying. Not even Mill, who may seem like a pain to some, but trust me, you’ll get used to her mannerisms and come to like her quite easily.

In conclusion, this show has enough stuff in it to keep you wanting more and once it’s all over, you’ll feel saddened by that very fact. This show isn’t for everyone, since it’s natural that not all will enjoy it. I hope this non-spoiler review is enough to convince you to give it a look, because going more in depth without spoiling anything is very difficult for a show as epic as this one.

P.S.: You’ll notice that some of the characters have weird and nonsensical names. Don’t worry too much about those things, just roll with it. Oh, and the mechs in this show are also decent.

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