32nd G-View: Chu-Bra.

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie. This is one of those shows that I should have reviewed ages ago but haven’t, then again there are many anime that I have to review that are awesome, that I haven’t yet. With that in mind, it’s time to get started, first off is Chu-Bra. You’ll all be a little surprised by this one. This anime is actually, “ecchicational”. What does this mean you ask? Read on to find out.

Genres: comedy
Themes: ecchi, moe, school, underwear, yuri
Number of episodes: 12
G-Rating: 8/10

The story revolves around Nayu Hayama, who embarrasses herself on the first day of middle school by accidentally showing her adult panties. As two other students, Yako Jingūji and Haruka Shiraishi, hear rumors of her engaging in “enjo kōsai”, or compensated dating (which often is viewed as being close to or the same as prostitution), they investigate. They soon learn that Nayu is an ‘underwear monitor’ who tests new underwear products, and has great insight on what underwear people should wear. Nayu hopes to help everyone get through the vital stage of their life by opening an underwear club.

Yes, this is another ecchi anime, BUT, what makes this anime different from many others is that it is actually educational, especially for teenage girls. It actually does give some explanation to a variety of female underwear, meaning the different kinds of bra and panties. Some of these tips may be obvious, but there may be some advice here that could be useful.

Now back to the rest of the anime. It’s your basic ecchi comedy with some good stuff for everyone.
The music is okay, not bad at all. It has some catchy tunes.
The humor doesn’t completely rely on ecchi alone, there are moments that are in fact funny and they don’t involve cleavage that often. The cleavage actually plays an important part to the story, just like Nodoka Haramura from “Saki”.
The characters, I guarantee that you’ll like most of the girls, even Amahara, whom you’ll have to be patient with, but she becomes better eventually.
As for the boys…Keigo Hayama, Nayu’s step-brother, is awesome! He’s a super cool male character, which we don’t see very often in these kinds of anime.
Then there’s Hiroki Komachi…my word this guy is the complete opposite of Keigo in my eyes. From his official debut I began disliking him greatly.
This guy is garbage in my opinion. However, he’s not a completely useless hypocrite, he’s just a major pain. He does have some good moments that make him sort of redeemable, but for the most part, he sucks.

The three main characters, Nayu, Haruka and Yako, all 3 of them are pure awesomeness. My favorite being Haruka, and no, it’s not because of her body. There’s another reason…she is a proud member of “the nation”, well sort of for she was undergoing intense training as she fought bravely with her inner self to find the courage to express her true feelings for a certain megane girl. It was primarily Haruka’s quest for love that kept me glued to the monitor constantly hoping that her quest would be a successful one. Did she succeed? Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself fellow animeniacs.

Final Verdict: do I recommend this to everyone? It all depends on your tastes. Some will definitely like it, others…not so much. Trust me though, this show is both fun and funny, so you won’t be disappointed in either of those depts.

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8 Responses to 32nd G-View: Chu-Bra.

  1. Dragoons says:

    You’re such a tease.


  2. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    It was nice and surely educational. It was one of the shows I didn’t mind ecchi much, but I still could do without it.


  3. asja.small says:

    there is yuri everywhere is this anme…. oh my


  4. kracensc says:

    I enjoyed this far more than I thought I would, considering the subject matter of the show, I thought it’d be a fair bit more ecchi purely enticing people on the fact its ecchi, but it wasn’t, it was strange, even for anime standards of strange but it pulled through and made it rather entertaining.

    There is the unfortunate addition of an equal aged male character who has more than 10 seconds of screen time each episode, but I suffered through his existence to enjoy the development of Haruka and her feelings for Nayu, as much as I’d have liked them to have put more time into this, but it gave us enough for us to know the feelings where there.


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