14th G-View: El Cazador de la Bruja (By Cryssoberyl)

When it comes to the famous “girls with guns” trilogy brought to us by Bee Train, I must confess that I wasn’t really that interested by it. Don’t get me wrong, both Madlax and Noir are good shows, just not up my alley. The problem is that I just never got into those shows for some reason, even though they have what I seek in an anime…to a degree. However, it would seem that the old saying: “3rd time’s a charm” applies truthfully to the 3rd Bee Train series based on this genre.

Alternative title:
The Hunter of the Witch
The Witch Hunter
エル・カザド (Japanese)
Genres: adventure, drama, mystery, supernatural
Themes: girls with guns, yuri
Objectionable content: Significant (bloody violence and/or swearing and/or  nudity)
Number of episodes: 26
G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: Ellis, a young girl suspected of murdering prominent physicist Heinrich Schneider, is on the run from prosecution when she is tracked down by a female bounty hunter Nadie in a small Mexican town. However, instead of turning her in, Nadie impulsively decides to help her and the two embark on a journey south where they hope to find clues about Ellis’ past. The guiding stars of their journey are the mysterious gemstone “Rosa del Inca” and the “Eternal City” of Wiñay Marka.

By Cryssoberyl:

El Cazador is truly an amazing show. It’s made so not by its overarching plot, which is serviceable and adequate, if uninspired. The show offers up its plot progression in steady, even helpings, never too much or too little at a time, and finishes off with a by-the-book final confrontation that is almost relaxing in its absolute predictability. It’s all fine and workable, but it is not why – or how – this show will hook you. The excellence of El Cazador comes from its fantastic characters, their superb interactions, and its charmingly casual “on the road” thematic.

Nadie is a gift of a character. Smart, self-confident, world-wise, cheerful, and generous of spirit, she is a warm and wonderful human influence under which Ellis blossoms. Over the course of the show she develops a powerful, knightly desire to protect Ellis – a desire that is often complicated by the fact that in many cases, Ellis’ unusual abilities put her in a better position to protect Nadie than the reverse.

Ellis is really something special. It would’ve been so easy for her to have fallen into a stereotypical personality type, either too “cutesy/naive” or too “emotionless/otherworldly”. Instead, she is utterly believable as an innocent but perceptive young woman with an unusual nature and past, one who balances those qualities with an infectiously appealing quirkiness. She is adorable in an absolutely genuine way – a far cry from the legions of moe characters who are trying far too hard to convince you that they’re lovable.

And so they travel, helping and caring for each other, making new friends and new enemies, and having many adventures along the way. The plot is the reason for the journey, but it is the journey that is the best part of El Cazador, not the destination. I’ll admit that during the finale, I was wishing I was back in the simpler, more carefree times of the early episodes. It is there that the “on the road together” vibe is the strongest, and the small, humorous moments of Nadie and Ellis’ interaction are at their most bantering and self-referentially humorous.

That’s not to say though, that those early episodes are also the best point in their relationship, because it’s a fact that their bond grows ever stronger and deeper as the series progresses. As to how it ends…well, I’ll leave it up to the viewers themselves to come to a conclusion.

The other characters on the show, you’ll like some and dislike others. Each character has a unique charm that although may seem familiar, is still enough to make everyone on the show worth checking out.

This show basically has the following pace: starts off fun and gets intense as the series progresses, meaning that it at least serves the purpose of gaining the viewer’s attention. For those who like “Girls With Guns”, don’t worry, it’s there, just not as dark and depressing as the other two Bee Train titles or the Gunslinger Girl series. It kicks major booty and I love it.

In the end, I definitely recommend this show to everyone as it contains enough of everything for any animeniac, regardless of how picky you may be.

P.S.: I guarantee that by the end of this show, you’ll love tacos even more. This show most definitely inspired the greatness of Yuki’s Taco Power in Saki. I can feel it.

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14 Responses to 14th G-View: El Cazador de la Bruja (By Cryssoberyl)

  1. @fkeroge says:

    You may want to add post tags. They will help in gathering more blog views. 🙂

    Anyway, I didn’t know that this was a “girls with guns” themed anime. I don’t know if I’ll be watching it though. I have so much of others this season…


    • Overlord-G says:

      Take your time dood. When you’re able to give it a go, do so. You might be surprised.

      I’m still getting used to this whole blog thing so don’t expect anything fancy from the get-go. I’ll make sure to have this place neat and tidy before the month of May.


  2. John Sato says:

    It’s interesting that we both found some of the same things to be true in our reviews (the interactions and pacing, for instance), but how differently they factored into our final view of the anime. Even if I disagree, though, this is a nice review. Good job.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Not everyone has the same likes and dislikes. I still consider this the better of the 3 best known Bee Train shows because of how balanced it is. Not too light and not too dark. Ah well.


      • John Sato says:

        That’s actually one of the reasons I decided to comment. We liked (or felt neutral about the show) for the same reasons. It’s our interpretations that differed. Just thought it was pretty cool.

        I’ve yet to see Noir or Madlax (though Noir has been on my list for a while – I’m sure I’ll get around to it eventually), so I can’t agree or disagree with that statement. But I’ve heard a lot of other people say the same thing.

        That’s an interesting point. Now that you mention it, I do appreciate the fact that it managed to avoid the overly “dark” feel that is present in so many shows like this. Glad I found this and commented, I hadn’t thought of that before. Just goes to show you how useful discussion can be.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I like dark as much as the next person…as long as it fits the theme. Let’s say Black Rock Shooter TV’s dark tones fit quite well, just like RAINBOW’s. I don’t think you’ve seen either of those shows so you may not know what I’m talking about.

      And it also helps Nadie and Ellis are canon, whether you agree or not. Then again, I don’t know if you understand how my mind works so take that comment for what you will, which is why I explained when I commented on your blog about this show catering to my personal tastes in two ways.
      If you’ve explored my site enough, you’d understand which two.


      • John Sato says:

        I saw the first episode of RAINBOW, and I think I understand. I was thinking “overly dark” more along the lines of (to take a random example) Warhammer 40K. That franchise (in my opinion) is “overly” dark, or dark to the point where I can’t take it seriously. Then again, Warhammer 40K isn’t an anime series, so that may have been a confusing example…

        I didn’t see that one, I’ll go and check for it now. And thanks for visiting, I appreciate it.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Warhammer’s a cool over the top series that isn’t meant to be taken seriously so it’s all good.


  3. Talt Lo says:

    I finally finished El Cazador! I started about a year ago and only watched in small doses. I’m actually pretty darn sad it’s over. Nadie made the show for me, she’s just perfect. Overall, it had a great tone. I would’ve never started watching it if you hadn’t recommended it so… arigato!


  4. Yuri? says:

    Is this show yuri? I read from the wikipedia page that Ellis was in love with the professor or something like that. Please help me clear the doubts from my mind.


  5. kracen says:

    Where do I even begin here….
    Firstly, why oh why did it take me so long to get around to watching this….
    I had this on my watch list for ages, and when I finally got around to watching it I couldn’t stop until the very end.
    NadieXEllis might as well be canon, a moron could see it… Their interactions together… their moments together, it was all beautiful, the connection between them couldn’t have been more perfect, non direct romance Yuri goodness at its absolutely best possible form…
    I wanted to pin point certain ending of episodes to illustrate the NadieXEllis moments, but they soon became too many to count and keep track of…

    Ellis was easily my favourite character, however this may be due to my soft spot for the Autistic/Aspergic personality type (Very much like how I loved Kagome in Strawberry Panic (The girl with the teddy bear)) except this time, she was one of the main characters and was there all the time… “Yes sir” every time she said that…
    Nadie was tied in first with Ellis, they were both fantastic, but Ellis deserves special mention due to her personality type being my favourite.
    The sound track was perfect, it fit with the show perfectly and was awesome to.

    Rosenberg and L.A. are to perfect examples as to why I hate male characters, because they almost always seem to fit into one of these two personality types and quite frankly, though they suffered, they didn’t nearly enough… L.A. just sickened me, such a pitiful little individual, as for Rosenberg, annoying, but his reveal at the end was just pathetic…

    Now for the most important factor of my opinion on this show…
    It did it, it has done it… Something I thought impossible… It had a male character, that I actually liked, and wanted to see more of, of course I mean Ricardo, this is the type of character I like… Especially that moment near the end where he goes to face off with L.A. I actually thought he was going to die and really didn’t want him to (in a small way I wanted him to as I do like a bit of tragedy). Now I understand this may just be because I liked Lirio, and Lirio and Ricardo come together in a package and as much as I wanted to know who Lirio was, and why Ricardo looks after her, in a way I like it was kept a mystery as to not in any way damage the viewers perception of their bond…

    The final episode almost ruined everything however, making it look like Nadie and that Pedro guy might get together… even remotely… despicable… But fortunately they saved it with another large dose of NadieXEllis Yuri goodness that made it all right.

    I am actually really sad I’ve finished this show… NadieXEllis has become my second favourite pairing (#1 being obvious) and now I wont be able to see any new moments with them together…


    • Overlord-G says:

      You certainly enjoyed the show quite a bit. Glad to hear it. Rosenberg’s the bad guy so of course he sucked. L.A.’s complicated but I did not expect you to like him either.
      Ricardo’s an adult and Lirio’s huggable.

      Nadie and Ellis are great together.

      Tragedies are easy to find. This one was not meant to be one though.


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