Love Poems V1

Deeper into the shadows I go, walking and whistling as the moon rises higher.
Singing I believe I can fly, the song that won me a karaoke contest, thinking about all the joys in my life.
Wallowing in a pool of jello, sipping my coca cola, thinking of all the things that bring me joy.
Looking outside the window as the succubi fly, stealing men and women for a gay olde time.
My days are going and I’m smiling away, another piece of popcorn on the floor.
The night stars shine, as the widowing trees wail, a song that makes me sing this melody.
My son and daughter frolicking, enjoying the nightlight, barking as they play with their tails.
Sometimes I wonder, if my mind has a goal, but I will eventually discover, that teaching is my calling.
The apes are swinging trying to stabilize my mind, jumping all over my cerebral cortex.
As I sit here watching, watching true beauty, I only wish I could be there, but perhaps I should just stay here.
Let the anger calm, and the winds of confusion blow away, here in my little corner, sipping on coca cola.
More popcorn I see, down near my feet.
Such a splendid delight, as I stay…in my…little…dark…corner.
I’m being silly, but this is what I am doing, watching your elegance as all of these events transpire.
Waiting for the right time to hold you again, but now I just sit, wallowing in my corner, enjoying the view.
I could sit here all night if need be, just to see the view in front of me.
What light through yonder window breaks, it is the east and Kristyna is the sun.
Still I sit here, watching and waiting, for that time that we can be together again.
I can wait forever even through sleet and smeek, such a worthwhile event after the Sneeks have cheeped their last Neek.

As I sit here no longer alone, my time of waiting has ended, for in my arms the most beautiful I am holding, near my side.
The moonlight I so much adore, glowing its lunar rays over us, as I continue singing, this medley of my soul.
The evening stars continue to shine, the Sneeks Neek back to their holes.
You and I together in an eternal bliss….
“Whispers”: “I’ll always be with you”

About OG-Man

Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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